Roof Design

The roof performs important protective functions. It is a part of the building architectural integrity and, at the same time, ensures its hydro-, and thermal insulation. That’s why the roof requires the most serious approach.

The roof design concept is developed to strictly regulate its structure, avoid errors and discrepancies. This document provides:

  • the roof construction legal justification;
  • warranties for legal security and risks reduction;
  • facilitation in selection of the contractor and required materials;
  • a powerful tool for monitoring the cost estimate during construction.

Roof design stages

Development of the roof design concept in the scope of commercial real estate construction includes the following stages:

  • choice of technology (most often -flat roofs);
  • selection of materials, including vapor barrier, thermal, waterproofing and roof covering itself, in view of the best "price-quality" ratio;
  • detailed development of working documentation with general information on the roof design, and the statement of working drawings with plans, sections, details and specifications.

At each of these stages the roof design is a complex and labor intensive process, requiring knowledge of Russian Civil and Construction Codes, Federal laws, construction regulations and state standards, and other legal acts.

Our services and advantages of partnering with us

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Entrusting this task to us, you get:

  • strict compliance with all applicable standards and requirements in this area;
  • solution, based on the most advanced technologies in the construction field;
  • guarantee for quality and scrupulous elaboration of each section of the roof design concept;
  • a must provision and implementation of good ventilation, a reliable system of heat insulation, sound-, and waterproofing;
  • provision of high stability, roofing system durability and ease in its operation in the design solutions;
  • reasonable timeframe and fair designing price.

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