Architectural Layout

The premises architectural layout, in the context of designing, is a drawing with the space zoning solutions –a view from the top with marking walls, partitions, columns, windows and doors.

The architectural plan is created based on the client’s brief design, the building and the premises features.

A detailed work plan includes explication with the names of all the premises and their areas. Sometimes, for convenience in review and subsequent construction, the sizes of certain facilities and the distance between them may be marked on the plan.

The layout is developed taking into account fire and sanitary regulations. First of all, it must necessarily envisage the escape routes in case of fire. That's why the architectural layout is a must to be developed by a specialist, who is responsible not only for the building appearance, but also for compliance with all regulations.

Convenient layout guarantees harmonious distribution of the space with all areas, correctly positioned, and optimal routes for employees and visitors between the various zones.

Our services and advantages of partnering with us

Having a great experience in design of various types of facilities, Int-Ext Company offers its quality services for architectural layouts. Here we take into account:

  • client’s individual preferences;
  • premises type, its size and structural features;
  • wishes in terms of functionality and comfort;
  • requirements of state standards and the Russian construction regulations.

All of the above in aggregate enables us to create a truly optimal architectural layout, allowing the best use to the best efficiency of the existing area.

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