Workshop Design

One of the activity areas of Int-Ext is a workshop design. Due to different branch peculiarities and the need for compliance with the stringent requirements for functionality and safety for this category of facilities, workshop design development has its own specific nuances and engineering solutions.

Production unit design principles

The first thing during the development of design documentation is analyses of the production profile, specifics of the issued goods and the degree of engineering equipment engagement. For efficient workflow and its quality improvement the total workshop space is being zoned in accordance with its specific functional type, by grouping the production areas.

When designing plants the height of the premises is accurately calculated taking into account the heavy machinery and materials handling equipment. If needed, we develop engineering solutions for installation of crane systems into the load bearing beams of reinforced concrete poles of the basic framework.

Our specialists calculate energy consumption based on the required power level and cost for production purposes, determine the structure of arrangement of production lines and auxiliary equipment. A must attention in the design of production units is paid on fire safety systems. Irrespective of the production type the workshop space should be equipped with fire extinguishing and fire alarm systems.

When developing a workshop design at the initial stage sometimes there are used sketches and 3D-visualizations, making it possible to approve critical decisions with the client in advance, thus accelerating the subsequent approval of working documentation. It is easier to quickly make corrections to the preliminary design from the very beginning, rather than to process a large amount of detailed documentation later.

Advantages of partnering with Int-Ext Company

Development of production units design by Int-Ext always implies professional solutions aimed at optimization of production processes in view of the activity profile of the enterprise and functional orientation of a particular production site with its specific branch requirements and objectives.