Warehouse Design

Warehouse design is a complex multi-level process. When developing design of this type of premises it should be considered the specifics of their use, the estimated rate of turnover, the type of warehouse transport, infrastructure features of the site and its location, architecture and main constraints (passage of pipelines, high-voltage lines on the warehouse territory).

The main stages of warehouse design

At the initial stage, the overall concept is formed and the design brief is drawn up. The specialists calculate optimal architectural and design solutions applied in modern warehouse complexes. The premises total area is calculated and internal zoning carried out taking into account the planned scope of stored values, used material handling and other equipment. If necessary, engineering surveys and checking the current state of communications are carried out.

On the main phase of designing warehouses the required set of documents, along with the engineering systems designs, is drawn up. Each design section includes the specification of required materials and equipment. Particular attention is paid to the fire safety systems design.

The process control of warehouse complex, storage options for processing, handling and delivery of the goods are influencing the design complexity. Final price of the warehouse design depends on its type and area, the extent of logistical complexity and the specifics of the building features.

A warehouse design includes the following documentation package:

  • a full set of architectural solutions;
  • engineering systems design;
  • specification of the required materials, tools and equipment.

Often standard design solutions for the given area are used, which are finalized as per the client requirements. In case of considerable individual features of the facility the cost of this type of warehouses design becomes somewhat higher.

When designing warehouse complexes Int-Ext Company follows the applicable regulatory requirements.

Highly professional performance of the design is a guarantee for further trouble-free operation with a best possible optimization of the warehouse logistics system.

Int-Ext Company offers effective design solutions for construction and reconstruction of warehouse complexes with different specialization. The design price of warehouses depends on the amount of work and is calculated individually for each client.