Structural Solutions

The term "structural solutions" commonly denotes the design documentation section, containing detailed elaboration of bearing structures and those architectural concept elements, which affect their load-bearing capacity. Structural solutions define the function and specificity of structures, the type of the used building materials, which are needed to ensure the building reliability, sustainability and longevity.

Structural solutions are an integral component of the design. According to acting regulations, this section is necessarily included in the documentation for the building under construction and has both graphical and text parts:

  • plan, cross-sections and bill of materials for the foundation;
  • ceiling drawings;
  • plan of the roof frame;
  • the roof plan;
  • framing and structural details plan;
  • the building cross-sections;
  • facades with description of the fit-out materials;
  • structural solutions for hydro-, vapor-, and heat insulation;
  • specifications of window and door openings, etc.

Types of structural solutions

Structural solutions design is carried out in separate parts with development of three main components among them, such as:

  • metal structures;
  • reinforced concrete structures;
  • wooden structures;
  • steel structures detail drawings, which are developed on the basis of metal structures.

Structural solutions designing (mainly of elements from reinforced concrete and metal) should be mentioned as a separate issue, as they are included in any design package.

Thus, development of reinforced concrete structures section is carried out for such important building components as foundation, floor slabs, stair flights, etc. Traditionally, this section consists of explanatory note, the general data, drawings and plans of the above mentioned structures. Since the reinforced concrete components are the most complex and expensive to implement, their design requires particularly responsible approach.

Equally important are structural solutions for the metal structures. This section of the design includes detailed description of the main components from metal, variants of their conjugation and the specification. It also involves coordination with other structural solutions. It is very important to comply with the requirements of economy and technological effectiveness and to make the best choice of materials in view of the anticipated operating conditions.

The role and importance of the structural solutions

The quality of construction largely depends on the choice of structural solutions and on how well they were forethought, that’s why the importance of this section cannot be overestimated.

The main objective of the structural solutions design is to fully determine the amount of work to be done, and choose the best materials and solutions. Thus, the structural solutions design serves as a kind of answer to the question on how to build a strong, safe and comfortable building. In this respect detailed elaboration of each detail and component is crucial.

The structural solutions are developed both in the process of preparation for construction, and in the building reconstruction phase; remodeling involving bearing walls and columns; making openings and holes in the building walls and floors; construction of additional floors, mezzanines, balconies, extensions, etc.

Selection criteria

When determining various structural solutions several distinct and interrelated factors should be taken into account. Those are, first of all:

  • the area engineering and hydrogeological conditions;
  • the construction facility type;
  • technical and operational features of the materials needed to ensure adequate strength and spatial rigidity of the building under construction;
  • the construction region climate conditions;
  • the construction budget;
  • the client’s individual wishes, etc. Structural solutions selection and design are based on engineering calculations, done with special programs.

Legal framework

Structural solutions design is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Federal law, State standards and the Russian construction regulations. The main document here is the Decree № 87 "On the sections of design documentation and requirements to their content” of the Government of Russian Federation dated February 16, 2008. It contains a detailed description of the sections, which should be included in the structural calculation separately for text and graphic parts.

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