Smoke Exhaust Systems Design

Smoke exhaust system is a key element in fire protection management of any building. One of its main tasks is to create conditions for safe evacuation of people in case of fire.

Smoke exhaust design implies development of a special system of supply and exhaust ventilation with manual or automatic control, which performs the following functions:

  • prevention of smoke spread through a building;
  • removal of the combustion products from the premises, including ash and hazardous gaseous substances;
  • supply of fresh air, etc.

By their functional features smoke exhaust systems are divided into two types: static and dynamic. Static smoke exhaust system operates by the principle of ventilation switch off and does not allow the smoke to penetrate into other premises. Dynamic systems drive off the smoke from the premises with the help of fans and provide fresh air. Such systems are more efficient and expensive.

The main regulatory document, used in the smoke exhaust systems design is the Procedural Guidelines “Estimated definition of the building smoke ventilation basic parameters” of the Federal State Budget Institution EMERCOM of Russia of 2008.

Design stages

Smoke exhaust system design is developed by the following stages:

  • acquisition of initial data about the facility (premises to be equipped by the given system, the list of elevator shafts and staircases, where the clean air should go);
  • calculation of the CDS parameters based on the Procedural Guidelines;
  • selection of the required equipment, including exhaust fans, air ducts and valves;
  • preparation and issue of a detailed working design of the smoke exhaust system with floor plans, drawings, as well as fire safety section.

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