Industrial Facilities Design

A key step in the implementation of any project is properly carried out design work, on which depend the conformance of structural, architecture, engineering and technical parameters to the functional requirements of the facility.

Design of industrial facilities, like that of any other facility, has its specific features. In the course of such work Int-Ext specialists pay particular attention to the following issues:

  • compliance with fire safety requirements: proper classification of premises by fire and explosion risk, based on which we carry out selection of construction materials and make engineering solutions;
  • compliance with sanitary and hygienic requirements for production and storage premises: sufficient number of bathrooms, showers, changing rooms, a properly designed ventilation, in view of the number of staff, as well as the specifics of the technology processes and used products;
  • observance of temperature and humidity: development of the design of heating, ventilation systems and air conditioning so that to provide optimal working conditions in the facility for the staff and the safety of products.

Professional design of industrial facilities

The legal framework for the buildings and industrial facilities design package development differs greatly from the civil engineering structures guidelines. When designing your facility, Int-Ext specialists take into account all its specific features and the long term prospects of your business.

Dealing with a new construction project, our specialists carry out industrial facility architectural design after adoption of technological solutions and determination of the buildings dimensions. Ideally, the proposed facility should be a single complex, which will have functionally interrelated and optimally placed different premises: warehouses, workshops, substations, sanitary facilities, laboratory buildings, water towers, office blocks. A particular attention is attached to the design of workshops, as this is the place where technological processes take place. In these premises both the planning and engineering systems should be considered more carefully.

Regardless of its type, the industrial facility should be durable and easy to maintain. Single-storey industrial buildings, such as workshops or warehouses, are usually located in the middle of the common area. And office blocks are generally planned closer to public highways: they simultaneously serve as the complex facade. Also, while making the design of industrial buildings, free entrance and parking arrangement for both cars and trucks should not be forgotten.

Warehouse design

In the facility, which is built in the logistics systems; it should be organized storage for products or raw materials. The designs for such industrial facilities should importantly consider all aspects for their successful operation: easy access of heavy trucks to the building, equipment of warehouse with racks, technique, sufficient lighting, good ventilation, heating, and conveniently arranged territory.

Int-Ext specialists are always ready to help you in performing an industrial facility design of any complexity. Our experience and responsible approach to creation of the necessary documentation ensures a positive result.