Heating Design

The heating design is developed based on the design brief, acting rules and standards of construction and architectural drawings. In the heating design of houses, offices, restaurants or other premises Int-Ext specialists make provisions for:

  • installation of heat point automatics;
  • heat supply sources;
  • heating system construction principles in accordance with the design brief approved by the client;
  • remote climate control in some premises (on request).

Design of heating systems consists of the following stages:

Development of heating sketch design for country houses, cottages, offices, stores. At this stage, the specialists form the heating system basic concept. The concept is expressed in the form of sketch design.

Development of techno-economic justification for the heating system creation. In the second stage, on the basis of preliminary calculations and approved sketch design, two documents are prepared:

1. The design brief (the document that contains the text description of the planned heating system).

2. The commercial offer (possible material expenses for the development and creation of the chosen heating system).

Development of wiring schemes. Calculations are made and diagrams for laying the engineering systems are developed. After this stage of the heating system design is approved with the client, the scheduled installation work can be started.

Development of design documentation. This is a stage of creation of the most complete specification for materials and heating equipment, preparation of design documentation in accordance with the existing rules and regulations.

Consecutive implementation of all four design stages allows to compile a complete documentation package, which is the heating system design. Properly made preparations allow even the outsource performers to carry out quality installation work.

Int-Ext specialists will develop the heating system design for country houses, cottages, stores, offices, restaurants or different function low-rise buildings. In our work we use the latest technologies which make it possible to significantly reduce the design development period and create quality and precise heating design fully in line with your needs.