Entrance Area Design

The entrance area is an architectural composition, which serves as decoration for the main entrance of the building. In fact, it’s the face of the company, its visit card and advertisement at the same time. And, of course, the visitor judges about the company status by the building entrance appearance.

Composition and functions

The entrance area design may have a variety of architectural and decorative components, including:

  • entrance platform;
  • porches, steps, stair flights with handrails and railings;
  • attached, integrated and mixed lobbies;
  • vestibule;
  • front doors;
  • entrance roof overhangs and marques;
  • information and advertising media (bars, signs, light boxes, etc.).

Thus, the entrance area is something more than threshold and doors. It is a challenging architectural complex which may, with proper selection of elements, become a true masterpiece.

In addition to accomplishing aesthetic tasks, the entrance area design should ensure:

  • protection of the building threshold from adverse environmental factors;
  • increase in usable space;
  • creation of safe and comfortable conditions for the entrance use by the visitors and employees;
  • additional heat-, and sound-insulation.

Design stages

Development of the entrance area interior concept design starts with clarification of the client’s wishes and requirements. Based on the information received the sketch design is being developed. It includes drawings, which give a general idea of the chosen structural and color solutions of the entrance area. It also includes a list of materials used. The sketch design is required for obtaining a construction permit. Once the sketch design is approved the working documentation is being issued.

Our services and benefits of partnering with us

Int-Ext Company performs designing of entrance areas of any type of the buildings in Moscow. In our work we strictly adhere to the requirements of the Russian construction regulations, so that all our facilities meet the established sanitary, structural, architectural norms and fire safety standards.

For years of existence in the market, we have successfully performed dozens of projects of varying complexity. In all cases, the permission for construction works has been obtained without problems.

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