Engineering Systems Design

Int-Ext Company performs design of engineering systems for various types of buildings and structures. The scope of our services includes documentation development in the following engineering areas:

Electric power supply and lightning protection:

  • Structured cabling systems (SCS);
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning;
  • Water supply and sewerage;
  • Access control systems;
  • Video surveillance.

Design of engineering systems is developed by a qualified staff of Int-Ext, having rich experience in this field. Engineering solutions performed by our design engineers are fully consistent with the existing fire protection, environmental and sanitary norms of the Russian Federation.

Engineering design implies the following consecutive steps:

Brief design preparation and approval

Any type of engineering systems design requires a clear statement of the problem. Clause 1 of Article 759 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation states: "According to the construction contract for design and survey works the client shall transfer to the contractor the design brief and other initial data necessary to compile the technical documentation. The task for the design works performance can be prepared by the contractor upon the client’s request. In this case, the task becomes binding for the parties upon its approval by the client". Thus, the law bounds both of the contract parties to serious attitude to the brief design preparation. It is exactly this document, which includes the client’s indication regarding the load-bearing capacity of the system to be designed and the scope of functions it should ensure.

If you find it difficult to design engineering systems on your own, we are here to support you with the preparation of the documents, after which you will just need to go ahead with their approval.

Development of basic design solutions on engineering systems

At this stage our design engineers make calculations, based on the initial data and engineering system functions, so that to choose the basic equipment and to envisage the route for its connection in the next stages. At the same time requirements for the project adjacent sections are specified. The result of this stage becomes the basic engineering solution, including selection of the basic equipment, which can meet the goals set forth in the brief design, and inclusion it in the plans. This stage is fundamental for competent performance of the next steps of engineering design. It already allows pre-estimating the cost of the equipment and the system as a whole. And, if required by the budget, the equipment brand, the entire engineering concept, or design brief can be reviewed at this stage: in this period it is not that difficult yet.

Design detailed elaboration and preparation of working documentation

At this stage of engineering design the documentation is finalized and all the details are elaborated. Based on the approved engineering concept, Int-Ext design engineers consider the best options for MEP systems passage, draw their routes, as well as sketches and connection points, make the specification for all the engineering system components, draw up the explanatory note with instructions for installation. The outcome of all this is a complete working design, containing all the drawings and data for accurate estimation of the system cost. This step is the crowning point of the entire process of engineering systems design, as working documentation simplifies preparation of a detailed cost estimate, upon which the contract is concluded and installations are carried out.

Int-Ext specialists will promptly and competently perform engineering systems design for you, using the most reliable solutions. We take the responsibility for our decisions and the smooth operation of designed systems, conditioned, of course, that they were installed in a proper manner. If necessary, we are ready to monitor every stage of installation works.

Should you need advice on engineering design of various engineering systems, it is our pleasure to help you by receiving your call at: +7 495 135-0-777.