Design of Video Surveillance Systems

CCTV systems are an essential component of the multifunctional safety and security system of both commercial and private buildings. The video design can be created as a separate service with independent panel and can be integrated into the existing common network with a single control panel.

Design development

Drafting of video surveillance systems design is a range of activities, which consist of the following steps:

The site analysis. For efficient organization of the surveillance system it should be considered:

  • the site area;
  • the size of the protected area;
  • the number of sectors that require video installation;
  • calculation of the required radius covering of video monitoring devices;
  • night lighting specifics;
  • the security service location.

Preparation of requirements to the system. Int-Ext specialists define:

  • control and managing methods (remote or local access);
  • the number of operators;
  • video stream parameters (recording and playback speed, resolution, processing method, the duration of archive storage);
  • methods of video transmission protection (GSM-closed channels, web-resources).

Design brief preparation. Based on the site data analysis, the necessary system requirements and the software, a video surveillance system design brief is being drawn.

Selection of equipment. The following equipment is used for the site video monitoring and video surveillance:

  • hidden cameras;
  • IP-cameras;
  • video recorders;
  • remote control elements;
  • power units;
  • motion detectors;
  • devices for displaying video streams;
  • additional elements of video system.

Approval of the design by the client. After selection of the required equipment and the software architecture of video surveillance, on the basis of prepared design brief, the final approval of the design and its estimated cost is carried out.

The stage of video surveillance systems design is finalized by approval of the working documentation with the supervisory authorities.

The advantages of partnering with Int-Ext

We offer comprehensive services in the design of video surveillance systems with development of customized solutions to ensure safety of the site and protected areas, including remote video surveillance. When developing a design our specialists follow the requirements of GOST R 51558 - 2000 “Video security systems”, the regulations P 78.36.008-99 “Design and installation of CCTV and intercoms. Recommendations”, the European standardization system EN 50132-7 and other technical procedures.