Cafe Design

Success of any cafe, as a business facility, to a large extent depends on the competent design and carefully elaborated design solutions. Professionally developed interior concept design should envisage all the conceptual nuances and technical features of a public catering facility. Except for this, an imperative stress is laid on the formation of a unique atmosphere, making the place recognizable and easy to remember among other competitors.

Important stages of cafe design

The first step is to narrow down to the activity area and functionality of the future facility. Plus, the area should correlate with cooking technologies applied. After the key points and the facility general concept are set out, the next step is the performance of café design and taking of space-planning decisions with the following stages:

Space zoning. The main principle here is a rational use of the area in view of its functionality. As a rule, the café design implies allocation of a kitchen, housekeeping areas, staff area, visitors’ room, bar desk, front area. In large establishments, there may be a wardrobe and even a guard post. There is done a pre-calculation of seats, based on the fire and sanitary-epidemiological requirements, and there are worked out schemes of evacuation in case of emergencies. In addition, a separate entrance for delivery of products and waste disposal should be provided for.

Interior concept design. When the establishment type is specified and the layout is performed, then the style and aesthetic concept are being worked out. It worth to remember that the cafe interior concept design should be in harmony with the surrounding landscape and facilities. In order to give the café its unique portrait, potential visitors are studied and their aesthetic needs and style preferences are considered. The cafe interior design is developed based on the data received; it includes a choice of fit-out materials and colors, comfortable and practical furniture, lightings, décor items.

Development of the engineering systems design. Installation of engineering systems (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, electricity, water supply, sewerage) requires development of the relevant design sections. Engineering systems’ documentation package contains detailed and very important information, which is required for their installation; the cafe interior concept design, in its turn, often contains links to other design sections. In these sections all the engineering systems are described in detail, including dedicated equipment for the kitchen and the bar desk, fire alarm appliance installation places, etc.

Int-Ext Company offers comprehensive services for the cafe design and development of interior design in full compliance with the client wishes and with strict observance of sanitary and fire regulations, applicable to this type of facilities.