Authorship Supervision

Authorship architectural supervision is an action plan for construction process control to ensure compliance of the facility being taken into use with the developed earlier design solutions. This procedure is implemented throughout the construction or refurbishment period up to its full acceptance.

Architectural control is carried out in the following areas:

  • accuracy of compliance with the original architectural and stylistic solutions;
  • conformance of the facility to the given technological and technical indicators;
  • correct embodiment of structural and construction solutions provided in the design.

The implementation of these tasks lies with the authors of the design. What is more, the architectural supervision team sometimes includes several specialists. For example, the designer is responsible for the correct laying of foundation and accuracy of all design solutions implementation. The architect, in turn, follows the layout of axes, fit-out quality, etc.

Thus, the authorship supervision is a requirement for correct implementation of the design concept. It allows both to avoid construction errors and, if necessary, promptly make the necessary changes and additions to the previously developed solutions; also it makes it possible to optimize the construction costs and to reduce material and time expenditures.

Legal framework

The procedure for these activities is regulated by the following principal documents:

  • Construction regulations 11-110-99 “Authorship supervision over buildings and structures construction”;
  • the letter from the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation № 17906-SP / 08 “On implementation of construction control” of April 30, 2010;
  • the Federal Law № 384-FZ “Safety requirements for buildings and constructions” of December 30, 2009;
  • Government Decree № 468 "On construction supervision order during construction, reconstruction and capital refurbishment of construction sites” of June 21, 2010".

Main stages

Architectural supervision is carried out on the basis of the relevant agreement and includes main stages and activities, such as:

  • introduction of the working documentation to the contractor, as well as consultations on any issue;
  • visits to the construction site according to the schedule in order to check the progress and results of work;
  • unscheduled visits to the site for clarification of emerging issues;
  • spot check of construction and installation works, including "hidden" ones, with drawing up of the acceptance certificate;
  • keeping a designer’s supervision register, which records all the work performed and the identified deficiencies, as well as timely client notification on the deviations detected, etc.

Our services and advantages of partnering with us

Being a professional design company with rich experience, Int-Ext Company readily offers its services for architectural supervision. Our strength in this area –it’s the accuracy and constant control, high awareness and responsibility, as well as strict compliance with all established rules and requirements.

The service cost depends on the design complexity and the frequency of visits. In any case, it will be a significant contribution to the safety and reliability of your building.