Restaurant Design

Proper design of the restaurant is the key to success for your future business. It’s well-known that the comfort of the visitors and convenience of the staff movement are largely depending on the client area location, disposition of equipment and passages. Developing interior design of the restaurant without assistance and making correct layout of the premises without relevant experience and skills is virtually impossible. Therefore, this work worth entrusting to Int-Ext specialists who will, within the shortest time possible, create optimal design of the restaurant in consistence with all your wishes.

Stages of Restaurant Design

  • drawing of the scheme of premises allocation in a restaurant or cafe, as well as the scheme of equipment placement. The scheme is sought for the client’s approval;
  • development of interior decoration sketches and the restaurant technological design. This includes plans for equipment placement and connection of that equipment to communications.
  • preparation of working documentation and the restaurant engineering design, which includes development of water supply, heating and ventilation systems. designing of low-voltage and power supply systems.

At the final stage it is carried out supply, installation, balancing and commissioning of equipment.

During the restaurant design development the following priority system is applied:

Сlient area interior concept design. At the beginning we think out the general concept of the restaurant interior design: it is the cozy atmosphere and decoration, suiting best to your place, will help your business prosper.

Design of the functional part. The following task is solved at this stage: ensuring a high level compliance of the equipment and communications installation with the works performed. Proper implementation of such design ensures a safe and efficient execution of all works by the restaurant staff- from washing dishes to cooking. Each process is evaluated in different timeframes; requirements for sites are worked out. As a result, you get a design guaranteeing that every square meter will be used to its maximum efficiency.

Design of additional systems. The specialists think over placement of required additional equipment: video surveillance and security systems, multimedia systems for clients, wireless solutions for the waiters.

Int-Ext specialists will perform a full scope of design works. Long experience, individual approach to each project allow us to create a high-quality and accurate design of the restaurant within the shortest time possible.