Health Facility Design

Design development of any medical institution is a set of challenges, strictly regulated by the Russian construction regulations 06/31/2009, sanitary hygienic requirements, fire safety standards and other specialized industry standards for the health facilities design.

Technological solutions

On the basis of design brief, received from the client, and the functional orientation of the medical institution, there are developed architectural and technological solutions. At this stage of design architectural layout is determined, which includes an explication-a list of all the premises with an indication of the area they cover.

In the drawing of floor plans the specific features of the medical offices locations are taken into account and units for different purposes are envisaged. They include: common, administrative, care and preventive, consultation, auxiliary, service, household and nutrition units. In accordance with the regulations the drug storing and medical instruments sterilization premises are particularly stressed out. If necessary, within the scope of medical centers design, there are made provisions for rooms with the radiation and ionizing equipment, requiring additional protection device.

Arrangement design of medical equipment, its power consumption and additional specifications are very important. When designing health facilities, which are engaged in surgical and other operating procedures, as a rule, it is necessary to provide for an uninterruptible power supply in the event of an emergency power outage, as well as separate ventilation systems for septic and aseptic areas.

The engineering part of the design for dental clinics and other health facilities is quite challenging and important. In addition to the power supply system, it requires scrupulous elaboration of the conditioning, supply and exhaust ventilation systems, water supply and sewerage, fire alarm and warning systems. There is a possibility of developing additional technological sections, as medical gas delivery system. The technological part in clinic design is subject to mandatory state examination procedure.

Design solutions in the scope of medical centers design

Interior concept design of any medical institution should reduce the stress and increase the level of confidence among the visitors; at the same time, it must be tailored to the sanitary-epidemiological standards. All the fit-out materials should have a certificate of conformance and hygiene certificate, which permit their use for medical centers. The same is true for the selection of furniture and lighting equipment for the operating theaters, staffrooms, treatment rooms, patient wards and other spaces provided for in the hospital design.

In the medical institutions design Int-Ext Company makes extensive use of modern structural systems design and engineering and technical services, offering a rational three-dimensional arrangement. This approach allows us to implement flexible planning solutions along with the strict compliance with the regulatory requirements for the health facilities design.