Design of Water Supply and Sewerage Systems

Int-Ext Company performs designing of water supply and sewerage for the facilities of any complexity. The documentation package includes an explanatory note, calculations, working drawings (plans, schemes, cross-sections), as well as the materials and equipment detailed specification.

Specific features of work

The water supply and sewerage systems design drawings are developed on the basis of design brief, architectural and construction documents and applicable rules and standards. In the early stages of water supply and sewerage systems designing our specialists make calculations, including:

  • the design water discharge rate per second, hour, day;
  • the required water pressure at the inlet to the building or premises;
  • the required flow of heat for hot water supply.

After all the necessary calculations done, we proceed to the drawings. The working documentation of water supply and sewerage design shows in details:

  • the pipeline routes;
  • the location of the pipeline valves, manifold boxes, pumps, boilers, equipment for water treatment and purification of water, leakage sensors etc;
  • the location of pipes on the architectural layout;
  • the diameters of water supply and sewerage pipes;
  • materials for pipe insulation.

On the floor plans there are marked the places connecting the water system mains to showers, bathrooms, kitchen, bath and other water users, as well as the drainage systems. The documentation is being developed taking into account other design sections and in close cooperation with fellow design engineers.

Int-Ext specialists perform water supply and sewerage systems design for various buildings and premises: houses, offices, shops, restaurants. We develop water supply and sewerage systems design, taking into account existing construction standards and rules, and in line with the client’s wishes.