Beauty Salons Design

Business industry of creating and maintaining the personal aesthetic appeal of both women and men is in demand and a popular area of commercial activity. In making the design of a beauty salon it is important to combine the premises functionality, interesting design and defined parameters for the comfort of visitors.

Correct Implementation of Beauty Salon Design Project

At the pre-design preparations stage it is necessary to accurately determine:

  • the scope of services;
  • the average number of visitors that can at the same time be present in the salon;
  • the total design concept.

Beauty salon design implies a clear zoning of premises; separation of the administrative and household units without interfering with rooms intended for customer service, and the lounge. Depending on the level of establishment, beauty salon design can provide for sauna, spa and other procedures.

Provided that the space is sufficient, it is possible to arrange additional zones for leisure visitors. This will significantly extend the range of salon services, but requires a clear elaboration of technical solutions.

Already at the designing stage, it is necessary to consider arrangement of beauty equipment and to plan the location of the technical communications with the permissible power load for defined lines.

Scrupulously elaborated interior design of the beauty salon, which is done in a certain style according to the client’s wishes, will help to create an exclusive atmosphere for a comfortable relaxation and cosmetic procedures. Particular attention is paid to the choice of fit-out materials and well-thought lighting design, which allows realizing the most original solutions and highlighting the status of establishment.

Beauty salon design project developed by Int-Ext is a well-adjusted functionality of each premises, original proprietary interior design, full compliance with stringent sanitation and hygiene standards and fire safety requirements. Using three-dimensional computer visualization in the design development process allows to clearly picture the layout of the future salon and promptly make the necessary changes.