Bank Design

Prestige, commercial success and security of banking institutions largely depend on the appearance of their offices, functionality of premises, well-matched engineering systems and specialized interior decoration. Competent design of the bank will provide: a pleasant working environment- for the employees; information integrity, safety of documents and money- for the client; and will leave a favorable impression on the customers.

Design development

At any stage of performing the bank design Int-Ext aims to maximally meet all client requirements. Our design solutions combine functionality, compliance with all legal requirements and attention to the specific features of the bank office, posing high demands for comfortable working conditions and reliable security systems.

Interior concept design of the bank

When designing a bank, in addition to the size and location of the operating room, back office, safes, money vaults, ATMs, depositories, cash offices, security posts, we also consider the design of the premises in view of the establishment corporate style. If the client has a brand-book in Russian or English, Int-Ext architects are ready to follow it in the design of documentation.

Bank office design, which is based on the corporate style, plays an important role in the design process, because it is the first thing that the client pays attention to. High-quality and durable fit-out materials, among them- natural stone, tempered glass and metal, not only ensure safety, but also instill a sense of confidence, security and reliability in the clients.

If you are looking for a bank design contractor, you can always turn to Int-Ext specialists. We know the specifics of this type of facilities, and, therefore, we can guarantee an excellent work results to our clients.