About us

Professional design company Int-Ext was founded in 2009. Our company name comes from combination of two words; "interior" and "exterior". We design both- the interiors of commercial property, and the exteriors of the buildings - facades, entrance areas, landscaping of the adjacent territory.

The company works for Russian and foreign customers, freely communicating with partners in Russian and English languages. Design documentation is generally produced in Russian, but it can always be made in Russian-English version at the client’s request.

The basis of our design activity is a comprehensive approach. Acting as a general designer, Int-Ext develops all sections of design package - both the architecture and internal engineering systems, in strict compliance with current norms.

Importantly, we are always ready to get approval for our projects with the relevant state authorities. We believe that a sound organization must be prepared to substantiate its design solutions and protect them in front of the approval authorities. For our client this means an opportunity to secure its business excluding in advance any claims by controlling authorities.

In addition to the design services, Int-Ext, if necessary, performs construction works for which the company is licensed too. Thus, we often carry out turnkey projects- from design to construction and commissioning of the facility, as well as the receipt of all necessary approvals.

A distinctive feature of our work is an individual approach to each client, striving to give maximum functionality to any design facility. In doing so we help our client to minimize construction costs, as our solutions are effective both from technical and economic viewpoint.

Should you need advice on planning and design of a commercial property, we are always there to help you. With our company you will find a responsible and reliable partner.

SRO certificate for design works